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The Palo Duro Collection was launched in 2002 to meet the growing demand for custom applications of traditional hardwood flooring. Consumers have grown to demand their personal tastes reflected within the interior finishes of their homes or businesses. The Palo Duro Collection encompasses a vast product portfolio that allows the consumer to customize their hardwood flooring exactly the way they want it. We achieve this by featuring most any species, and a wide variety of surface textures derived from different styles of scrape, wire brushing, and unique edge treatments. A hand-scraped floor from the Palo Duro Collection is created just for you. Our flooring artists create an original piece of art where textures and colors reflect your personal style. Hand-scraped floors from the Palo Duro Collection… consider your floor a piece of art. Ordinary floors are mass-produced and factory finished, which is OK for some people. With the Palo Duro Collection however, you’re standing on a masterpiece. Commissioned by you. Created by hand. Enriched by time.


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